September 10, 2011

Back Yamma Bigfoot 100km Mountain Bike Race: Parkes NSW

Presentation with Sasquasc
The Back Yamma Bigfoot Mountain Bike Race was run, and won, on Sunday September 5th 2011, at Back Yamma State Forest, 22 km South East of Parkes in NSW. Three distances (25, 50 and 100km) were on offer, on what was described as a relatively fast and flat course with a good mix of tight, technical single trail and flat open fire trails. The 100km consisted of 2 x 50km loops, or what was labelled the 'Two Big Feet'.

A slight issue with the roof racks on the drive up
Four  bodies and three bikes made the 6 hour hour journey on Saturday to Parkes,NSW. But a trip with three burley blokes was not without some adventure. Dave (my No#1 sponsor and partner) thought it would be good idea to have a pee stop and check the bikes, as he noticed my bike cutting a few weird and wacky dance moves aloft. Perfect timing, as the front bike rack had almost disassembled itself from the main roof rack. But within half an hour, all bladders were empty, and bikes were safely attached with more than enough ochy straps and velco strips. 

We arrived at the event center late afternoon on the Saturday. We registered, then rode a small section of the course just to flush the legs after sitting in a car for 6 hours. One thing was for sure, It was going to be a very fast and furious race start, on a flat open fire trail that would push up a lot of dust from the 450 riders expected to hit the start line.

Sunday race conditions were near perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and a forecast top temp of 23 degrees. I completed the first lap (50km) in 2hrs and16 mins and the second lap slightly slower in 2hrs18 mins. But it was the second lap where I made my move. After an average and disappointing first lap (including a nasty fall over the hangers) I hit the second half with a completely different mindset. I was riding smoother, smarter and was in control of my thoughts and managed to gain 2 spots by the 70km mark. I had become the hunter not the hunted. I was stoked I kept pumping my legs and riding with a smile on my dial all the way to the finish line in a time of 4hrs and 35 mins, finishing first in the Women's Open/Elite Category. I rode with some awesome supporting and encouraging riders, and its this that makes mountain biking so, so, so enjoyable.

Albury, Canberra and Benalla Crew...Dave's 
taking the photo.
My Race Stats
Position: 1st Open Female
Elevation: 980m
Duration: 4:35:15
Average LTH: 92%
Distance 104.5km
Average Speed: (a fast course)
Food  / Fluid consumption: 6 x TORQ Gels / 2 x 1.5L water with TORQ Energy mix / 1 small can of coke at 50km transition.
Power: Just wait until get a power meter!!
Dave's Run Distance: 26km  (while i ride Dave goes and does some crazy trail runs)

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