October 20, 2011

Team Chick and Nuts @ The Scott 24 Hours of Adrenalin

How could Team Chick and Nuts not head back to Candy Mountain for yet another 24 hours of Shits and Giggles? We actually thought of giving the Chick and the Nuts  a break for a year but the computer said "No". So, on the weekend of October 8th and 9th  we, and a few thousand other mental riders including Team BEY Benalla Bandits,  blessed Stromlo Forest Park in the ACT with our graceful presence for 24 hours of non stop mountain bike riding. 

Friday the 7th was the drive to Canberra, which involved a non negotiable stop at Holbrook bakery, and if you can handle waiting in a queue that often floods out the door, I do recommend the Giant Wagon Wheels. It makes your eyes pop out with lots of nutritional scrumtiousness!!! 
Arriving at Stromlo Forest Park in the mid afternoon it was time to set up camp, register, get the bikes ready and then head out to test the course. The course involved 2 different loops set out in a butterfly formation. The ’red’ loop - less technical but perhaps more climbing, and the 'blue' loop - more technical and more rocks!. The idea is you do one loop (red), tag the next rider who heads out to do the other loop (blue) and you keep doing this for 24 hours, from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Sunday.

4So, Saturday came around and soon enough the race was underway. I was still nursing a cracked bone in my hand (from a previous mtb stack) and I knew without a good dose of pain killers I may struggle with the rocks, bumps and biffs of the blue loop. Luckily I was the third rider and which meant I was starting on the ‘red’ loop and I could ease my way into it. My aim for the 24 hours was to complete my last lap at the same pace or faster than the first lap.

So an hour went by, then another and another and another then all of a sudden we hit the night laps and before we knew it was midnight, the halfway mark!! By now we all had our routines sorted; ride, eat, service (the bike) sleep/rest, eat, ride and maybe a shower somewhere in there too. 

The Chick and Nuts Team: Mikey, Pete, Flick, Ant
When dawn broke so too did the need for sleep. I think i managed an hour of sleep from 3:30am to 4:30am, i even slept in all my riding gear so i could just roll out of the tent, onto the bike and then fumble my way around the course. By this time team Chick and Nuts and Team BEY Benalla Bandits were sitting within the top five of our respective categories. This was great news and its just what we all needed to get us through the last 6 hours. A few tactical changes to our riding order was needed to try and claim 4th spot and perhaps nudge our way up to 3rd, a mere 12 minutes away. Little did we know the other teams were playing tactical games too and kept pumping out their fastest riders for the last few laps, enough to claim a podium spot. None the less, we were stoked to finish in 4th spot in mixed team of 4 category and  BEY Bandits finishing an impressive 6th out of 93 teams in the team of 4 males!!!


The Chick  & Nut Stats:
Total number of laps  = 31
Total kilometers = 420km +/- a few
Fastest Red Lap Time: 39:46 mins (mikey)
Fastest Blue Lap Time: 48:13 (mikey)
Number of stacks: 0
Number of flat tyres: 0 
Number of trips over the hangers: 0 but did everyone own up???

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