May 23, 2012

It's Time to Hit The Road........But I'm Coming Back

Have you ever been asked in a job interview...'So tell me about  your 5 year plan' ? 
In my mind I'm yelling ' You have just asked me my pet hated interview question AND I hardly know what I'm  doing in the next 5 minutes let alone the next 5 years' but I'm not sure if  that response it will  nail me the job. In all seriousness-ness,   I  do fire out an honest response and why be worried, as there is really no right or wrong answer to such a question..........

So, my response usually goes along the line of  ' Whether it's  career, sport, financial or family, more often than not many unexpected and exciting opportunities will appear. and Its hard to know if the decision you choose will send you flying along the highway  or make you do a  90 degrees turn to the right or the left. But, what ever  decision I choose I aim give it 100% until the next corner.

Racing the first ever !!!!
So, that's exactly what i have done post my 24 hour Mountain Bike Epic. I've taken a little turn to the right,  and I've been lucky enough to join the TORQ / BICYCLE SUPERSTORE Women's Road Cycling Team. A groovy little squad of girls  that is taking on the Subaru National Road Series amongst other local and domestic races around the country side. 

Just to clarify,  it's defiantly  NOT Adios Amigos to the Mtn Bike, in fact as I write this  i just competed in The Chase The Sun mountain bike race @ Lysterfield on the weekend, and my MERIDA once again helped me deliver a good fact, road racing fits perfectly into my long term Mtb goals. It kind of adds a bit of spice to the pot!!!!

So, back to the roady stuff. Although I do  lot of road riding for training I'm a learner when it comes to racing  and more importantly racing with a team. So, needless to say doing the National Road Race Series and  other road races was and still is a  bit daunting, but rather exciting at the same time. Our team is made up of 9 girls with vast range of skills, knowledge and cycling experience. We have hill climbers we have sprinters  we have all rounders, we have mountain bikers, some are young and some are little older, but the one thing we have in common is we love to ride our bikes!!!

Stay tuned for the next bloggle entries  as you will get to meet the team and hear how we are performing and behaving :-)


Flick, Lisa, Claire, Vic and Chloe @ Second NRS Race at the Gold Coast
  • Nadine Le Mescam
  • Claire Dallat
  • Victoria Luxton Bain
  • Lisa Barry
  • Chloe McIntosh
  • Kat O'Shea
  • Sarah Holmes 
  • Jo Wall
  • Flick Wardlaw 

LET THE PLUGGING BEGIN.....The following businesses have enabled and or supported the establishment of the TORQ/BSS Women's Road Cycling  Team. Thank you for your support, now its our turn to fly your flag :-) 
  • TORQ Nutrition...........I can  100% honestly say I was using TORQ nutrition products well before I joined the Team. Before taking TORQ I  suffered stomach problems during endurance events (cramps, aches, bloating) and in most cases this was due inadequate nutrition before, during and after the events. After hearing good reviews I started experimenting TORQ products and I instantly noticed  a massive improvement. I wanted to rely on liquid carbs as my main source of energy and before long I found could  go for 5 + hours just using  liquid carbs from taking  TORQ Energy and TORQ Gels and if i need an extra boost I munch on TORQ Bars (Apricot or Mango).  I then finish off and recover with a big guzzle if TORQ Choc Mint Recovery.....nom nom nom nom 
  • Bicycle Superstore........Great products, great service, great support, great friends......  
  • CUBE Bikes..........Our Perfect Companion On The Road
  • Rudy Project .........Providing our Technically Cool groovy eye wear
  • FTP Training...........Fenz in my coach and has taken my riding where I have never gone before. Fenners Total Performance  provides personalized training programs to reach your ultimate performance. 
  • Monza Import Bicycles................Australia’s leading suppliers of bicycle products to the Australian bicycle industry
  • SRAM........Nothing but the best for the best

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