August 18, 2012

Fuelling Your Addiction #1: My Sesame Energy Bars

I love munching,  and when you live an active lifestyle, munching is important to ensure you get the right nutrients, the right amount or energy and at the right time. So, I thought I might start to share some of my munchily delicious recipes that I use whilst training and for recovery.
Now, I must mention I'm not a dietician nor am I a nutritionist (I would love to be),  I just enjoy cooking and eating healthy clean food to help fuel our active lifestyles.
The following recipe was inspired by a recent trip to Mildura.  I came  across a great little organic cafe that had some yummo homemade sesame bars. I thought these would be the bomb to use when training. So I decided to make my version of sesame energy bars. You can play around with the ingredients e.g add other nuts, reduce honey, use other dried fruits e.g ginger and figs, use maple syrup, add an egg etc etc etc....

This is great to just pop in a zip lock bag and stash in you pocket to munch on during your ride.

Flicks Birdy Num Num Sesame Energy Bars
1 Cup Sesame Seeds
1 Cup Pumpkin Seeds
1 Cup Sunflower Seeds
1 Cup Coconut
1 Cup Currants
1/2 Cup LSA Mix (can use flax seeds etc)
2 Tbs Dark Cocoa Powder * optional
3/4 - 1 Cup Cup Honey
1/2 Cup Good Protein/ Recovery Powder e,g TORQ Recovery Powder

Whopper Chopper

1. Soak the currants in water for an hour or so, just enough to soften them up. 
2. Put all the seeds  in the whopper chopper and mix until nice and whopper chopped. Place into a big bowl
3.Add coconut, drained currants, cocoa powder and  protein powder to whopper chopped seeds..
4. Place honey in a large saucepan and heat slowly. Once warm  and runny add all the above ingredients to the pot.
5. Mix well and ensure you have a taste test...essential.
6. Line a large slice tray with baking paper, pour mixture in and flatten mixture out to about 1 cm thick.
7. I then place in a moderate oven for 15 mins, just to heat through. I reckon you could omit this stage and just let it set in the tray.
8. Let it sit in the tray until set, cut into 40 square pieces and store in airtight container, using baking paper to separate pieces.

mixing all the dry ingredients
mixing in with the honey

Nutritional Analysis
I entered all ingredients into MyFtinessPal to see what the nutrient make up looked like. Here T'is
1 piece (25g) = 120 calories / 13 g Carbs / 6g Fat (3g saturated) / 4g Protein / 2g  Fibre / 10g Sugar

**Sugar comes from currants and honey. To reduce sugar content perhaps omit currants and maybe cut back honey to 1/2 Cup and add a whisked egg to the dry mixture.


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