January 16, 2013

Measuring Success @ The 2013 Road National Championships

Is finishing on the podium a key measure of success?  If I were to view this through the lens of our team sponsors, my team mates, spectators, family, friends, my coach and myself, I can guarantee there would be a plethora of views and opinions as to whether or not I have been successful.  We all define and measure success in many ways, it just depends on who's lens you look through.

on Wednesday the 9th of January 2013  I lined up for the  2013 Australian National Road Championships Individual Time Trial (ITT).  I came home with a bronze medal (still smiling and celebrating). Was I successful? Through the lens of many, yes I was. Through my lens I most defiantly was, BUT through  my lens my measure of success wasn't so much about the end result, It was the process undertaken to get to the start line and the process undertaken during the ITT that was my measure of success. Put simply my measure of success  was to.....

Enjoy my training, and the result will take care of itself’ 


I can hear people ask ‘how can you enjoy training for an ITT?  But it was the challenge of nailing every training session and it was the excitement of finding new limits that made me want to get on the bike and ride. My coach (Mark Fenner) had me focus on small yet challenging objectives in each training session and it was this that totally removed my focus away from wanting a race result to just focusing on achieving  small gains from each training session,  and then taking these gains forward into the race.  

When race day arrived I was in total zen mode,  I knew what to focus on and what not to focus on, and funnily enough  it wasn't about the end result.   In fact I had no idea of where I placed or how fast I went until the officials told me to head to the ‘hot seat'. I was more excited  about executing the race plan that I had mentally and physically trained and trained and trained myself to follow. Through my 'lens' I had achieved success well before stepping on the podium.  

My learning from my ITT Nationals Campaign is that I don’t have to try and meet the expectations of others to be deemed successful. I define my own success. No doubt this will keep challenging me as I continue to race and improve.......but I love a challenge. 

'Everyone desires success in one form or another. Some just daydream about it, while others do something to achieve it. What does success mean to you?'

Before I sign off……getting a Bronze medal was AWESOME, but no way could I have done it on my own.

Big thanks to Dave, my tolerant and super supportive partner, who puts up with my crazy training regimes, my weird food and me barking out orders. No way could I have done this without you, and I think you deserve more of a holiday then me :-)

Thanks to my coach, Mark Fenner (FTP Training), I think I nailed every training session except one :-) .  No doubt about it, what you prescribe has worked and I have enjoyed every moment of you coaching and mentoring me. Who would have thought I would be cracking a bottle of champagne at a national event with less than 12 months on the TT bike!!!!

Thanks to  BSS management and my team mates, how much fun do we have, but when we hit the tarmac we hit the serious button. A great balance to have, and a pleasure to ride with you all.

Thanks to our supporters and sponsors including Bicycle SuperstoreTORQ Nutrition for fueling my addiction, Continental for the super past TT Tyres, Tom @ OSTEOHEALTH Albury for keeping me in line, Santini, Shimano, Morgan Blue,  BBB, Lazer  and La Pierre Bike

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